Brian Hunsaker: Across the Galaxy - new CD

Great sounding debut release from Brian Hunsaker, sure to appeal to fans of melodic rock guitar.

Across the Galaxy- Brian Hunsaker buy
1. Into Orbit 5:08
2. Blue Angel 4:41
3. Reverie 4:45
4. The Voyage 3:32
5. Gila Monster 3:50
6. Surreal Majesty 3:54
7. Spring Break 3:55
8. At Nebula's End 4:06
9. Across the Galaxy 4:16
10. Atlantis Rising 3:56
11. Farewell to the King 3:06

The long-awaited debut from one of the hottest guitarists in the Seattle area. Heavy emphasis on songwriting, but with more than enough mind-bending licks to satisfy any shred fan. Fans of Satriani, Vai & Lynch will definitely want to pick this up.

Gila Monster - original music by Brian Hunsaker