Per Nilsson,Jonas Reingold: Kaipa - Vittjar neo progressive folk-rock-fusion

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Kermheat: Curiosity about that little old Red Mars

Tristan Klein: Baby Dragon got the blues!

Nikolay Sokolov: another hot Russian player

Morten Faerestrand: Wordless guitar and Carvin SH 575

Remy Hansen: Freak Guitar Camp Tunes

Miki Kato,Miyuki Yagi: Waves and Technical Difficulties Kyoto 2012

Robert Marcello: Hughes Kettner TubeMeister 36

Marcos De Ros: Milonga de Furia

Roger Pedersen: More is More and Dirty Loops

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Blues Angel back with a new album and UK tour

Michael Angelo Batio: Live at Pearl Harbor announced

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G - Lita77777 interview

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David T Chastain: three new compilation ablums

Bartek Woźniak: Larry Carlton style backing track

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Paul Gilbert: Guitar Noice Podcast interview

John Norum: Europe - Firebox single and UK tour details

Gonçalo Pereira: new web site, new CD

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse: G3 Moscow 2012 series

Joe Satriani: G3 Moscow 2012 series

Steve Vai: G3 Moscow 2012 series

Gary Hoey: Live In Studio 94HJY

Masato Itoh: Dream Theater and Van Halen keyboard intro on guitar

Niels Vejlyt: tapping concepts and ideas lesson

Jace Parales: Paul Wardingham - Ghost in the Machine solo

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