Remy Hansen: Freak Guitar Camp Tunes

This here's actually just to test if my " new " way of recording works...
I used a Shure SM 57 mic to Mic the Cab, and mixed that to a Clean Backing track.
I'll probably do some more " freak Guitar Camp " tunes soon!
Since they're inspiring in techniques, melodies, Odd Groupings, Reduction, Tapping, Harmonics etc!



So! This is not my regular thing.....But I like it! I arranged the main melody a few years ago, and recently after carefully listening to the Theme Performed by Pianists and Orchestra performances I was able to Arrange the rest! I don't have tabs/ tablature/ notes for this arrangment because I'm basically to lazy to write down Tablature and I can't read notes
Since I didn't have an acoustic guitar of any kind in my possession while shooting this video, I borrowed one from my good friend and musical wonder boy Robin Kern! Check him out in the iTunes store!!

James Bond Theme