dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales: Thomas Pridgen album five star reviewed

dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales Thomas Pridgen

★ Pinnick Gales Pridgen ★ Flying The Freak Flag High For 2013 !!!
First Amazing review of the album PGP on Rock Guitar Daily

☀ An amazing Review ! ☀

Review by Tony Conley: Pinnick Gales Pridgen is an absolutely fabulous record. I hope I hear a bunch of records this brilliant before this new year is over, but if I do, I'll be pretty shocked. This band has nailed it. The record won't be released until February 12th, but having heard it, I can't sit on the information - the word must be spread. You deserve....no, you need to hear rock this brilliant. A beautiful and stunning debut. dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales, and Thomas Pridgen - I salute and thank you, gentlemen. You have made my world a better place.

Read it on : http://rockguitardaily.blogspot.fr/2013/01/pinnick-gales-pridgen-flying-freak-flag.html
◕ Their new album "Pinnick Gales Pridgen" will be released
February 12, on Magna Carta Records

 — with DUg PinnickThomas Pridgen and Eric Gales.


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