Jamie Humphries: Ernie Ball Musicman Reflex Game Changer

ttp://bit.ly/MM_Gamechanger Jamie Humphries demos the Ernie Ball Game Changer Reflex Guitar in Issue 10 of Guitar Interactive available for FREE here http://bit.ly/Guitar_Interactive_Issue10

Watch the full Game Changer review herehttp://bit.ly/MM_Gamechanger

Sterling Ball has called the Game Changer one of the biggest developments in the electric guitar since Leo Fender created the five-way selector switch on a Strat! The Game Changer could certainly change the way we look at guitar electronics. Our resident Musicman expert, Jamie Humphries, is well placed to explain the system as he is a regular demonstrator. As Jamie is a Musicman endorser, we are awarding no rating on this unique Guitar Interactive demonstration.

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Ernie Ball Musicman Reflex Game Changer Guitar Demo Review - Guitar Interactive Magazine