Maja Partsch: Yngwie Malmsteen - vengeance

Challenging song, but nice song :D Thought it'd be fun to make my own solo in stead of all that technical shred yngwie does - just to be a bit creative myself ;) Some mistakes here and there, but what the hell, I'm not yngwie or any other kind of god xp
And then I'll have to excuse myself for looking like a fish at some points, that's not a kind of face I often wear if you wonder..

Anyway if you want to know somthing about all the technical stuff: this is a warmoth guitar (put together different warmoth parts and painted it with a sponge)
It contains a bareknuckle pickup named "the mule" as brigdepickup which is the one I used in this vid.
Sound recorded on boss digital recorder micro BR, and then I've put some plugins in (solo-c vst and EZmix2 metaltone) And in the end an EZmix2 master. All that with some help from "reaper"..
Used audacity to tune the backingtrack up a half step, so I could play it in standart E-tuning. And used center-pan-remover in the solo to remove yngwies solo-playing and make some space for me :)

Hope you enjoy ;D

yngwie malmsteen - vengeance cover (with own solo)