Alex Milella,Allen Hinds,Luca Mantovanelli: The Trio of Stridence - Auditur Periculosum new CD

Alex Milella,Allen Hinds,Luca Mantovanelli: The Trio of Stridence

A fresh, aggressive interpretation of instrumental jazz rock music featuring Paul Marangoni, Peter Bakaja, Allen Hinds, Luca Mantovanelli, and Alex Milella. In the summer of 2010 I realized that it had been over five years since our debut, so I figured we were long overdue to start a new Trio project. From that summer up until the record was completed in December of 2012, I moved three times and recorded in five different locations. There were many obstacles along the way, but somehow it all came together. Tracks were recorded in California, USA, and also in Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

This time around we have a fantastic new bass player named Peter Bakaja, as well as three new guitarists: Allen Hinds, Luca Mantovanelli, and Alex Milella, who each played on several tracks and will surely delight fans of jazz and fusion with their inspired performances.

The record creates a cohesive mood and atmosphere and will sound great blasting in your car, through your monitors, or in your earphones.

The album details
Fusion at it's best
The new trio of stridence cd is all i hoped for! A fine selection of tunes and great performance of all the participating musicians who are giving each tune their own great sound. It makes you want to listen to the music over and over again. Fusion at it's best , what are you waiting won't be disappointed buying this cd.

Auditur Periculosum by The Trio of Stridence

1. Jailbait
2. Havona / Reza
3. Dr. Slump
4. Watermelon in Easter Hay
5. King Kong
6. Unquity Road
7. Topeka
8. Temporary Fault
9. Hell's Bells
10. As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls

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