Lucio Manca,Mauro Manca: Everybody Needs An Angel new CD

Lucio Manca,Mauro Manca: Everybody Needs An Angel 
01 Voices from Beyond 00:00:45
02 The Shadow 00:05:54
03 Balance 00:05:35
04 'Phenomena 00:00:49
05 Give Away 00:04:59
06 For what Little it might be Worth 00:06:02
07 Everybody Needs an Angel 00:04:05
08 'Elizabeth 00:04:10
09 The Human capacity to Reflect and Decide 00:05:45
10 Scorched Earth 00:07:53
11 E.... 00:02:37

Lucio Manca, "SCORCHED EARTH" Official Music Video.
Taken from the new album "Everybody Needs an Angel" © 2013 Noisehead Records
Product by Simone Perra

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Band: Lucio Manca\Bass, Americo Rigoldi\Keyboards, Mauro Manca\Guitar
Matteo Mereu (on studio) - Andrea Murtas (on Video)\Drums,

Cast: Alessandra Pontis (the mother, Elizabeth), Matteo Angei (the son, Lucién),
Ilaria Orefice & Francesca Cossu (Violin, Cello)

All Music Written by Lucio Manca © 2013 - Noise Head Records

Lucio Manca - SCORCHED EARTH (Official Music Video)