Orianthi: Premier Guitar Interview 2013

You’ve said you’re going to keep touring with Alice Cooper as long as he’ll have you, but do you have plans for your own dates in the interim? 
Totally, I’m setting that up now, trying to fit it in around Alice and his tour dates. I have such fun playing onstage with him and it’s fun to be the guitar player, but I want to do my own dates so it’s all about finding the balance and figuring it all out.
What have you learned as a player, working on the Alice Cooper tour? 
They’re all like brothers to me, everyone in the band. I’ve learned a lot because there are so many parts in the songs. They’re great performers. We all have our own thing going on, like characters in a crazy Rocky Horror show. The first part of the tour I’d have blood all over my face and arms, and I’d be writing things on my arms and I had all of these Christian people thinking I was some sort of Satanist or something, with blood all over me and the guitar. I’m like no, I’m playing a part! I’m playing this irritable zombie onstage—I was called “Scarianthi” or “Gorianthi” for a while. Maybe I’ll be Frankenstein for the next one, I’m not quite sure.

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Orianthi -Whiskey - 3-17-13 / Heaven in This Hell / Frozen