James Norbert Ivanyi: Solo record pre-production

James Norbert Ivanyi - Solo record pre-production "track II" play though.

I've been busy this year chipping away writing music for my debut instrumental solo record, as some of you may, or may not know. I'm having a blast doing it, and in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to perform one of the songs for you guys, in the 'play through' fashion. So turn it up nice and loud!

In this video, I share some thoughts on the song itself, my Suhr Antique Classic guitar, and perform the song 'track ii'. All the music is in the 'pre-production' stage, and is yet to be finished, or mixed. I hope you enjoy this song! - I have always wanted to write song's like this, with a 'vintage' yet dark edge and feel. I used some cool old vintage keyboard, organ and wurlitzer sounds, which I am also very fond of playing. Although it's not the most technical song in the batch of songs, I thought it would be fun to perform, as I've never used this style of guitar for an entire song. Not until I played the Suhr Classic about a year or so ago, was I comfortable to make a guitar ...