Theodore Kalantzakos,Bob Katsionis,Theodore Ziras: Pattern Partner full length album available

Theodore Kalantzakos: Patterm Partner

Pattern Partner [LP] Infos

Pattern Partner is the full-length album, following of the homonym EP, from the metal-fusion band TKG.

It sounds like the power of Liquid Tension Experiment, the odd rhythms of Planet X and the harmonies of Allan Holdsworth Band combined together.

TKG are powered by: Schecter guitars, Gabriel drums, Line 6 amplifiers, 39 custom guitars, EMG pickups and T-Rex effect pedals and pedalboards.

All guitars and synth guitars recorded by Theodore Kalantzakos
Drums, Electronic Drums and FX loops by Loukas Kalantzakos
Bass by George Politis
Trumpet by Christodoulos Aspromallis
All keyboards and solo guitar at “Human Parasitology” by Sinnik

-CD also includes-

Guest Solos from
Theodore Ziras
Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud)
Guest Vocals by
Chris Kounelis (Disharmony) at “Sifting Sand(Dead End)”
3 nu-jazz BONUS TRACKS
Separate Pathways, Juggling Act and Memories of a Friendship
All songs composed and arranged by Theodore Kalantzakos except
“Human Parasitology”, “Echoing Chemical Reactions” and “Separate Pathways” that were
composed and arranged by Loukas Kalantzakos and Theodore Kalantzakos.
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Loukas Kalantzakos and Nick Liberopoulos at Sound Sculptured Studios.

Track Listing and Explanations
1.Microminiaturization (Micro)

Micro is a progressive metal tune in E Phrygian. It is called microminiaturization because the whole composition is based in a very tiny melodic segment. The basic time signature is 7/8 but 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 are also presented to serve the final purpose.

2.Echoing Chemical Reactions
Echoing is a rock-fusion track, with ethnic and orchestral characteristics. Begins with a large intro with ethnic elements and culminates with an 8 finger-tapping, piano-like melody. There are two improvisations one rock-fusion like and the other rock-metal like in double time, ending with the main melody, supported also by a double time rhythm section.

Echoing Chemical Reactions Video Clip:

3.Sifting Sand (Dead End)
Dead End is the only non instrumental track in this album. The whole composition based on Locrian mode, maybe the "darkest" mode in modal harmony and the time signature alternates between 4/4 to 15/8 and 9/8. Guest vocals recorded by Chris Kounelis (Disharmony).

4.Pattern Partner
Pattern Partner contains the main concept of this album. It deals with the question of how small musical phrases, harmonic segments and rhythm motifs (patterns) can be combined in variations. The way they work together (as partners) to create a bigger composition is also present here.

Stylistically speaking, Pattern Partner is a rock-fusion composition with the main melody given to the trumpet, while guitar and bass support it harmonically. Tuttis, modal transpositions and balance between modalities are some more characteristics.

5. Human Parasitology
Human Parasitology is a metal fusion composition based on long riffs in 11/4 time signature and harmony in clusters. Notes like parasites, create clusters of harmony to support the larger musical linear themes. The large intro and outro strain the atmosphere that comes out from these stretched elements.

Guitar Solos:
Theodore Kalantzakos (1:08 - 1:50)
Sinnik (2:30 - 3:06)

6. Fragments of Time
A modal fusion baland with colourful harmony of slash chords, modulations, time signature alternations and rhythm “kicks”. This tune refers to all the memories, that like fragments of time, come again and again in our mind. Even if the boundaries are blurred, we try το connect them to create a bigger picture of our past.

7.Run with Illness
Run with Illness is the most hard listening track in this album. It based on a tritonic melody and it balances between three modal and harmonic families. Long and complex riffs, progressive fusion improvisation are some characteristic elements. This track is only for the fans of this kind of music!

8. Strength in Unity
This track contains two guest solos from two great virtuosos, Theodore Ziras and Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud). It is a Eb Prhygian composition in 6/4 and 5/4, stating that together is better!

Theodore Kalantzakos (0:38 - 1:15)
Bob Katsionis (1:15 - 1:53)
Theodore Ziras (2:31 - 3:02)
-Bonus Tracks-

9. Separate Pathways consisted from two musical themes. At the beginning each one is presented separately, but after a while, these themes are combined together to create a fuller one giving the message that sometimes separate pathways can be joined and lead to one bigger and maybe better way in our life.

10.Juggling act
This is a nu-jazz composition combining complex melodic elements of triads supported with some “jazz-minor” harmony, in a continuing game of balance and colors.

11.Memories of a Friendship

It is a nu-jazz ballad that combines triple and eight feel rhythm patterns in a bigger composition of arpeggiated melodies and walking bass lines. The track begins with a fade in vinyl effect, creating a past to present transition effect, giving at the same time, elements for the composition process.

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