Thomas Blug: H&K The Musikmesse April 2013

Thomas Blug is really an awesome guitarist and up close as this you see his old Fender Strat - then his ability! Be ready for a really cool video shot in HD of Thomas as you have probably never seen him before.

Thomas is also using his Hughes & Kettner amp and just how good these things can be made to sound is obvious right from this video.

There are many more videos coming online presently showing other equipment and musicians from the Music Messe 2013. Enjoy!

Check out and my YouTube channel for the two other parts in this series as well as many reviews of equipment & music related things. Other new Reviews online soon include LANEY IRT Studio, KEMPER Rack, DV Mark (Triple 6), Chinese Guitar Kits, Hughes & Kettner Amps, another DV Mark product to be disclosed, some brand new midi control pedals, A video of Andy James (awesome player) and even a guitar pick you can't drop!

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Thomas Blug at The Music Messe April 2013 : Strat close up & Hughes and Kettner :