Dave Martone,Gary Hoey: announces Guitar Workshop Plus 2013

Master shredder Dave Martone brings amazing shred guitar techniques to the blues in this exciting class. Tap into the soulful, emotion-filled heart of the blues while you put the pedal to the metal and shred! Dave covers all the most important techniques, including speed picking, tapping, hybrid picking, string skipping and more insane pentatonic ideas than you ever thought possible! Students will be enthralled with Dave's unique, entertaining, and clear approach to expressing technical and musical ideas. This course is a must-take for any serious player who's looking for fresh ideas to impress musicians and audiences alike by blending rock and blues styles together in their playing. Students taking this course will also enjoy working with another great rock/blues player, Gary Hoey.

Guitar Workshop Plus 2013 Shredding the Blues with Dave Martone & Gary Hoey!