Masato Itoh: Super Mario RPG "Forest Maze"

Masato Itoh: I like to arrange and play songs which have been composed without being considered to be played by the guitar. I did Super Mario RPG Forest Maze this time. I hope you like it.

Super Mario RPG "Forest Maze" on Guitar Masato Itoh スーパーマリオRPG「森のキノコにご用心」

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I played this song using the DigiTech Whammy pedal for the arpeggiate/melody, and overdubbed the harmony parts with the E-Bow for (0:48~). I played with 9 finger style (4 with left hand and 5 with right) on the arpeggiate part. The way Reb Beach moves to the other strings while he is tapping gave me a hint to develop this technique. If that music had not required that technique, I would have never used it. It was very enjoyable to play, I really like this prelude. Hope you guys like my version as much as I like playing it.
Masato Itoh

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