Marco Iacobini: live track from his seriously good new CD... a must for rock fusion fans

Marco Iacobini, Andy Timmons with the new CD
Marco Iacobini Live Tour 2013
Song: "A cup of shred wine (part 1)"
Marco Iacobini: Guitars
Stefano Sastro: Keys
Mimmo Catanzariti: Bass
Glauco di Sabatino: Drums

Marco Iacobini: The Sky They'll always be
"The sky there'll allways be" the new cd of Marco Iacobini
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Marco Iacobini Live 2013 - A cup of shred wine (part 1)

Marco Iacobini Live 2013 - The sky there'll always be

Marco Iacobini Live 2013 - The Great Rush