Martin Goulding: Live4Guitar interview and lesson

They say, if you cannot do, teach... well, for those who know you, they surely know you can do both and you do it very well. You have worked as a session musician, you write for major guitar magazines, you teach both privately and at ICMP, you're in a band... Where do you find the time?

There have been times, whole eras of my life where there has been everything at once, cascading multiple deadlines from magazines, full private teaching schedule, degree and diploma ICMP courses running simultaneously, production and mixing work! Every now and then it becomes challenging and you have to work through it allocating time and prioritising, it can be stressful, magazines go to print, clients have deadlines, time management becomes essential! But in the bigger picture, all of those aspects which make up a musicians career don’t always overlap and you may work more in one area than another, session work for example, you may be very busy for a couple of weeks then no sessions for 4 months, or teaching may drop by 75% when everyone takes summer holidays! The only thing more stressful than the pressure of multiple imminent deadlines is not having work and it is well said that a career in music can be feast or famine, the middle ground is the goal, but stability in this field relies on constant work and balance can be difficult to achieve from time to time. That’s why it’s important to gradually build a diverse portfolio of skills within the field of music if you are to turn it into a professional career. Time wise, it’s beyond time, it’s about living it 24/7 as a lifestyle, it’s more than a career at that level, your day never formally starts or finishes! For me it’s been all encompassing for over twenty years, the last ten years particularly so, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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