Nils Courbaron: The Sarabande of Haendel - seriously great metal cover

EN - Djent/metal cover of the sarabande of Haendel (Barry Lyndon B.O) by Nils Courbaron, French guitar player of T.A.N.K.

FR - Reprise métal de la Sarabande de Haendel (thème de Barry Lyndon) par Nils Courbaron, guitariste français de T.A.N.K (Think Of A New Kind)

Nils Courbaron's Project instrumental EP - Madness Leads To Death :

Directed by Lykatome Production
Recorded by Thomas Smilek at Climezis Recordings
Picture : E.L.P-Photo (Elie Lahoud-Pinot Photography)

Artwork : Rusalka design (Ludovic Cordelières)

The Sarabande of Haendel - Metal Cover (Nils Courbaron)