Brent Mason: Country Shuffle Solo

Learn some licks out of just one of the many guitar solos Brent Mason covers in his Nashville Style Country Guitar series for JamPlay members. Grab your thumb pick, make sure the rest of your fingernails are in ship shape and get ready for some boot scootin'! Brent Mason's full series features over 20 lessons on a variety of topics including the breakdown of his unique finger picking technique, how he uses the Nashville Number System and his thoughts on "playing for the song". He also covers numerous typical country rhythms that he made famous while recording with artists like Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn and many more. Become a member and view the entire series at

Check out Brent Mason's Series Introduction here on YouTube:

Take a lesson from JamPlay's DJ Phillips:

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Brent Mason's JamPlay Country Shuffle Solo

Nashville Style Country Guitar with Brent Mason