Chris Taylor: Nocturnal - crazily good fusion - check out the slide work

Marc Guillermont "Chris Taylor - One of today's most inventive & talented musician....yes, I know what I'm saying..."

Chris Taylor

The title track from my disc "Nocturnal" Thank you to Ric Fierabracci (Bass) and Joel Rosenblatt (Drums) Big up to Carolyn for the great footage and putting up with my amateur directing skills. Special thank you to Robert Schwieger for shooting the great upright bass footage of Ric out in L.A.


You Know What I'm Saying? from my CD Nocturnal (Abstract Logix 2011)
Steve Tavaglione-Soprano sax
Gary Novak-Drums
Scott Kinsey-Synth
Ric Fierabracci-Bass
Chris Taylor- Guitars, Keyboards and programming
Mixed by Chris Taylor & George Whitty
Mastered by George Whitty

Chris Taylor: Nocturnal

Chris Taylor: Nocturnal / Featuring Scott Kinsey|Gary Novak|Steve Tavglione|George Whitty|Ric Fierabracci

Track 1 Voices in My Head
Track 2 Ear to the Rail
Track 3 Nocturnal
Track 4 You Know What I am Saying
Track 5 Green Divided by Blue
Track 6 All of Us
Track 7 Bela
Track 8 Recluse
Track 9 Here to There
Track 10 Odd Hours

You Know what I'm saying?