Jeff Loomis: Plains of Oblivion - official backings and TAB

Jeff Loomis' Plains of Oblivion is one of the most aggressive metal solo instrumental records around. With the ability to combine insanse shred, blistering solos and heavy riffs, Jeff shows here why he is one of the heavy hitters in his field. This album is seriously immense.

Now it is your turn to learn EVERY SINGLE LICK with the included 132 pages of Tab and notation, which covers all ten album tracks and the guest solos from guys such as Marty Friedman, Chris Poland and Tony MacAlpine. Plus, you are safe in the knowledge that you are jamming over the official album backings, which Jeff created himself with his producer Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio. Jeff also filmed a live version of 'Sibylline Origin' which is included in the download.

This is a guitar playing Jeff Loomis fans dream. Whether you learn to play 100% or 10% of this incredible album you will get a huge sense of satisfaction as well as learn from one of the biggest metal guitar players in the world!


Official album backings
Accurate TAB/Notation for every track
Video performance of 'Sibylline Origin'