Ryan Siew,Matt Harnett: Enigma II: The Unknown- sparkling solo from the 16 years old

Ryan Siew | 16 years old | Sydney, Australia

A few months ago my good buddy Matt Harnett asked me to play a guest solo on his debut EP 'Enigma' alongside other guest players Sean Ashe and Jakub Zytecki. Matt is one of my favourite musicians and he's a ridiculously talented guitarist and composer - twas an honour to play a solo on his EP, hope you dig it. Definitely check it out and buy it at http://mattharnett.bandcamp.com/

The video was filmed and edited by Christopher Quyen:http://www.facebook.com/ChristopherQuyen

Gear Used:
- Ibanez RGA220z w/ Bare Knuckle Aftermath and Coldsweat (neck)
- Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II
- Canon EOS 6D
- Logic Pro X
- Final Cut X

- Gruv Gear Fretwrap

Enigma II: The Unknown feat. Ryan Siew [Guest Solo Playthrough] - Matt Harnett

 Matt Harnett: Enigma