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Hipnotized Backings Deluxe Edition

Marcelo Donoso is infectious. Musically, he is one of the most original and exciting players we have discovered at JTC and his debut 5 track Hipnotized EP showcases why.

Full of modern riffage and mazy runs, combined with an electronic edginess, this is a superb statement of intent from Marcelo and is worthy of a place in any guitar instrumental music fans collection.

Marcelo Donoso: Hipnotized

This downloadable Deluxe EP edition comes with all 5 EP solo tracks and official backing tracks, TAB/notation for all 5 tracks and 3 bonus video performances of Sickness, D.U.B and Hipnotized to help you learn each mazy lick!

5 solo tracks
5 album backings
TAB/Notation for each track
3 x Videos

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