Grant Tregellas: Stop Poking Me With That Stick - great fusion EP

Nico Lassandro: Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn Guitar World Challenge

Sergio Paganini: Rock Fusion Improvisation

Greg Koch: "I could round up this rascal right into your head!"

Jason Becker: Guitar World - Take Guitar World's "Perpetual Burn" Challenge

Rick Graham: Rocking out on a Les Paul

Daniele Gottardo: Only 4 days left to fund this project, just 500 euro more!!

Fidel de Jesus: Transcendence I: Sacred Unison - Dark Crayola rippage!

Jan Laurenz: harp ukulele!!

Fabian Ratsak: Scott Henderson inspired line

Ben Levin: learning intervals

Alejandra Mesliuk: String Skipping Arpeggios Over the C Major Tonality

Ralph Salati: guest solo for Fake The Face - Extreme rippage!

Richard Hallebeek,Gary Husband: Your Truth - from the forthcoming album "Q.E.D." by Peter Fernandes

Niko Tsonev: Banshees and Harpsichords - New album

Nili Brosh: What happens when you start losing your mind during tracking...