Grant Tregellas: Stop Poking Me With That Stick - great fusion EP

Grant Tregellas: Stop Poking Me With That Stick

Grant Tregellas

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My best attempt at writing a Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech type song. I watched Scott's Melodic Phrasing video (yes, video) till the tape broke. Its still the best thing ever to watch if you want to learn to break away from playing licks. Google it. His loose approach to phrasing and playing across bars lines and rhythmic displacement lodged itself in my brain.

The middle solo is in the key of "nothing". I have no idea, I made up some chords on the keyboard and the attempted to play something that worked over it.

The title of this song is taken from an old BBC radio comedy show starring Tony Hancock, called Hancock's Half Hour. We used to have an LP with one show on each side. My favourite was the Wild Man Of The Woods.

In this episode, Tony had enough of society and decides to sell everything and move to the woods. To him, moving to the woods is really just down the road to the local common. One of his friends, who is always looking for way to make money, decides to sell tickets to the general public to come and see "The Wild Man Of The Woods".

Eventually huge crowds turn up to come and stare at him and take photos. The mob turns angry at one point, insisting that he perform for their amusement. Somewhere around this time Tony shout the line: "Stop poking me with that stick!"

Theres a metaphor in there somewhere....