Derryl Gabel: An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel Blu-ray

Wes Hauch,Ryan Glisan: New Project - metal alert!

News: Metal Armada - You want metal news... we got metal news

News: Documentary Film Follows Legendary Police Drummer Stewart Copeland Throughout 3-Year Journey

Jeff Richman: The Line Up - available from Bandcamp

Leonardo Guzman: Latin tinged version of Marco Sfogli - The Reaction

Danielle Gottardo: mixing of the string quartet of my new album

Frank Steffen Mueller: The Knaggsters "Jam 1"

Angelo Comincini: great version of Allan Holdsworth - Tokyo dream from Wardenclyffe Tower

Alicyn Yaffee: Slip Away- Pat Metheny and clinic appearance

Atanas Shishkov: demos Vigier Excalibur amd Axe-Fx with On The Way by Jack Thammarat

Joop Wolters: Arpeggio String skipping Exercise

Morten Faerestrand: Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor

Jamie Humphries: Wizards Of Oz Quick Licks Performance

Gus Drax: Inside Four Walls

Nick Ioannou: British-Made Chapman Guitars ML-1 - prototype

George Marios: John Mayer / Jonny Lang licks for Lick Library

Cameron Losch: trying some new djental ideas

Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: NOW - the new album details