Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Silent Night - quite brilliant

Joe Bonamassa: Last Kiss - Tour de Force Live in London 2013

Dweezil Zappa: Drew talks to Dweezil Zappa about Gear

James Norbert Ivanyi: Psynonemous Guest Solo

Arnaud: Neogeofanatic - E phrygian dominant guitar solo improvisation

Julien Lacharme: new album Project - "New Life"

Sam Bell: Ibanez 8 stringer now part of the LickLibrary tutor team

Jack Gardiner: now part of the LickLibrary tutor team.

Torben Enevoldsen: Above and Beyond - new CD

Alex Masi: New album Danger Zone available

Jane Getter: announces Jane Getter Band live show

Jakub Żytecki: Creative Fusion - jam track series

Pierre Pihl: Lap Tapping and Feet Bass!