Keiji-kun: 8 year old ripping up Paul Gilbert.

Kelly Simonz: I met the transcendence kids and I went to seminars to Shimamura instrument Aeon Mall Narita store. Keiji-kun (Http://Ameblo.Jp/keiji-byzero/ and shooting himself and I think I would like to have a look at the 8-year-old boy called), since impressed with a sense of stability of the play has been shadow. Sense of rhythm and above all, carry finger stable and mute his techniques to more than play fast it is surprising that I am superior to. In hope I get to play an active part with a firm ability to play the guitar a lot shine. The story of that practice and in the EX-71 of transcendence guitarist training gypsum, transcendence is difficult indeed now your options will do the job I'm sure he had me to even (laughs).

Keiji ( 8yrs old boy ) plays Paul Gilbert.