Nick Kellie: Kickstarter fundraiser for new album

My first album was picked up by Steve Vai, who released it digitally through his record label. Now, its time for a follow up album!

About 8 years ago, my first album was released in the UK and then later re-released on Steve Vai's digital nations distribution wing worldwide. Since then I have moved to New York city and worked with some of the finest and most prominent musicians in the world. With all this inspiration and opportunity, it is high time another album is made. With my connections, I have a pool of amazing musicians that are willing to be a part of the album (including Mike Pope who was in the Chick Corea Elektric band). The music is eclectic but predominantly in the Jazz/Rock idiom. I plan on having some amazing vocalists partake in the project so it will not be purely instrumental.

The funds we are planning to raise will go into three main areas:

1) recording (including mixing, mastering etc.)

2) paying the musicians (I plan on getting well known musicians onboard who will need to be paid)

3) Publicizing (hiring a publicist to get the product to the relevant media outlets so as to maximize exposure and sales)

4) distribution (digitally and physically)

5) Pressing of the album (the physical CD)

I truly hope that you will help us in making he project a truly special one.