Toomas Vanem: debut album "1" is out!

Toomas Vanem: debut album "1"
This album of progressive instrumental rock music, by masterful guitar player and composer Toomas Vanem, is a collage of several stories about fragments of world and life, spoken in a language of music. This is the way, how Toomas Vanem interprets his experiences of life through his music. The sound is tough but meanwhile varied and sensitively colourful. The music intermediates powerful and deep emotions, offering possibilities to create a vivid and spectacular imaginations of the stories told by skilled guitarist and musical narrator.

He has surrounded himself with awesome musicians, to bring his musical creations to life. On this album there are amazing musicians involved –"the groovy brothers" terrific drummer Andrus Lillepea and always excellent Henno Kelp on a bass. And yes, this is true- the absolutely fabulous Mr Stuart Hamm’s virtuosity is presented on tune called “Gravity of Eiffel Tower”!

The performances are stunning and the sound and production is huge. The music is unique and although it hits you immediately, there are lots of layers to discover with repeated listening.

It is almost unbelieveable how such heavy and powerful, sometimes even scary metal riffs with odd timings, can create a philosophical and meditative condition! The short legends of the songs on the CD’s cover booklet will help you to get even deeper touch with the music. The music of this album is a great example of a musician aiming to achieve the best he is capable of both in creativity and performance.

This first solo release from Toomas Vanem will really shake you up on many different levels and provide experiences you will wish to have repeatedly! 
Listen to this album if you are a fan of guitar virtuosity that focuses on creating memorable music!