Francesco Artusato: Ivan Chopick catches up with Devil You Know lead guitarist for Guitar Messenger

Known for his explosive, harmonically-laden guitar fireworks, solo artist and All Shall Perish axe-slinger Francesco Artusato has fired off a new chapter with his supergroup, Devil You Know. The new band found its beginnings amidst writing sessions between Francesco and Australian drummer John Sankey, who is best known for his work with Devolved, as well as Divine Heresy and Fear Factory. Shifting focus from their extreme metal forte, the duo entered into a prolific songwriting period, carefully choosing between moments of elegant progressions, and fiery, calculated aggression.

Powerhouse vocalist Howard Jones joined Artusato and Sankey in late 2012. Renowned for his decade with metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage, Jones rounded out the unified sound that became Devil You Know with his signature scorching screams and soulful melodic vocals. Completed by bassist Ryan Wombacher and guitarist Roy-Lev Ari, the band unveiled the US release of their debut album, The Beauty of Destruction, on April 29th. The following day, Francesco spoke with us during a tour stop in Orlando, FL: