TJ Helmerich: what I've been up to lately

Hello Friends...
Been a while since I've posted anything... though I do check on here at least once a week. (for inspiration)
Have been musically quite the last couple years, not out of the loop by any means. Just kinda got bored with what I was doing musically, and decided to try and re-invent myself a bit. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about and have done so in one for or another quite a few times in your career, be it music or not.
Still teaching and engineering amazing students/players as usual, but in the woodshed as for as making music or playing any gigs. Soon though, as I'm starting to jam with the crickets at my studio... and realizing they have better time than I.

That bugs me.

Anyways.... thank you for your patience and I hope the break will provide something new and interesting for those listening.

My best to all, especially you.