Brian Raine: Inebriate - Ways In Waves - .strandberg* Boden 8 dem)

Credit to the lovely Tatiana Zagorac for her filming/editing skills!! This is my project Ways In Waves, we started a year or so ago when Shaquille Headley (drums) approached me and suggested we do something weird. I started writing some strange things and showed them to Shaq, and he liked them, so we decided to make this a thing. This tune is really focused on the information overload that my generation has grown up with and the confusion that comes with that. If I were to explain how I wrote Inebriate, I would say that I wrote a song, and then I got the song drunk. ...Yea.If you like what you hear give us a like on Facebook or follow me for news on all of my musical endeavours!!

Inebriate - Ways In Waves (Strandberg Boden 8 demo)