Ciro Manna: 20 Minor Key Fusion Licks from Jam Track Central

20 Minor Key Fusion Licks

If you are a fusion player then you need to be able to nail playing to a IV-V-I minor progression as a matter of cause! And this superb 20 licks series has all the ingredients to ensure that you are on top of this essential part of playing fusion!

In his debut JTC package, Ciro shows you 20 fresh ways to approach a minor IV-V-I progression using various scales/modes, chromaticisms, arpeggios, and more. Each lick is accompanied by track notes, describing the various techniques Ciro uses, as well as audio tracks, solo/extended backings, JTC tabs and slow/fast video playthroughs. Once you have mastered his licks you will have all of the necessary tools to start creating your own!

It is available to purchase and download right now, whereas Premium Members just hit the +MyTracks button for instant access!

Check out the preview video below of what to expect!