Marga Abejo, Jenny de Vera, Angelica Vinculado: Triple Fret - 3 Girls, 6 Hands, 1 Guitar

Triple Fret's Marga Abejo, Jenny De Vera and Iqui Vinculado play the Jamaican classic "Calypso" in this awesome video filmed at the Radio Republic studio. It sure was fun watching 3 girls use all their 6 hands to play one guitar, that's something we've never seen before!

After having come from a successful European tour and winning the Tarrega Guitar Fest in Malaysia, we had the girls come over for an interview, when we asked them if they'd be willing to play, they said sure, and came up with this piece. Thanks girls, this was awesome!

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3 Girls, 6 Hands, 1 Guitar - Triple Fret's Calypso