George Lynch: Pam gets some outtakes down in one for loud Guitars

Rick Graham: Song for George by Eric Johnson

Mikhail Likhachev: 8 year old wins 1 Prize on the XI International Competition "Guitar Virtuosos"

Pierre Danel: Djent This - The Euroblast 2013 Documentary Teaser

Robbert Hanenberg: Child's Anthem - ToTo - Marshall JVM410h

Carina Alfie: Guardian Angels demos Washburn guitars

Dean Murphy: Andy James Solo Competition

Aaron MarshalI: Intervals-Ephemeral 2014

Wagner Ribeiro: Andy James Solo Competition

Keiji-kun: 8 year old ripping up Paul Gilbert.

Tosin Abasi: Ibanez Signature Guitar from NAMM

Per Nilsson: prototype version of my .strandberg* guitar

Steve Vai: Alcatrazz: Power Live 1985 - Suffer Me - Kojo No Tsuki - Night Games

Leonardo Guzman, Federico Malaman: live performance from the Gruv Gear booth NAMM 2014

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lycks guitar lesson 1