Tom Richardson: Andy James Solo Competition

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - God Gave Rock N Roll To You in a Radisson Blu

Joe Chawki: this cat is lining up an Indiegogo project - want a part of that legato paw action!

Jeff Kalmbach: This Is Not Here EP

Will Wallner: Former White Wizzard Guitarist Announces New Wallner/Vain Album

Keith Merrow,Wes Hauch: talk to dangerous guitar at NAMM 2014

Paul Gilbert: demonstrating Ditto X2 Looper - this pedal changed my life!

t-cophony: Solitary walk acoustic tapping guitar and Down spiral - electric tapping guitar

Chris Buck,Virgil Donati: new song from soon to be released "3 Crows" project...."Curse You Val Kilmer"

Chris Duarte: Carlessness - improvisation to the max

Angel Vivaldi : second single from the upcoming Angel Vivaldi album, "Away With Words."

Simon Kinny-Lewis: new album being mixed by the one and only T J Hemerich

Sergio Paganini: Smooth grove improvisation

Wayne Gardner: Magellan's guitar player dies - rip

Dean Murphy: I have started a Kickstarter campaign

Drewsif Stalin: Dark Horse (Katy Perry Cover/Positive Grid Bias Demo)

Rob Chappers: Train your ears!

Anton Oparin,Harry Esson: Room 4 Official Music Video of 'Highlife' - web collaboration

Paul Gilbert: new web site, Ibanez FRM250MF and the G4 Experience

Ivan Chopik, Ola Strandberg: take a look at the Per Nilsson .strandberg* at NAMM 2014

Jennifer Batten: evening of Jeff Beck music rescheduled date announced

Cameron Allen: sets up a Kickstarter project for the new album

Eric Calderone: SportsCenter Fan Jam - 331Erock

Fred Brum: GHS Strings NAMM 2014 NAMM

Mike Orlando: GHS Strings NAMM 2014

Martin Miller: Live Fusion Shred Improvisation Blue Note Dresden