Muris Varajic: stunning new song from the upcoming album "Research".

Richie Allan: Ninja moves on an Ibanez RG920MQMCBE

Per Nilsson: .strandberg* - Scar Symmetry song "Noumenon and Phenomenon"

Jon Gomm: UK mini-tour in May

Vivien Lalu: added to the Klavitara Zagreb festival line up

Yngwie Malmsteen: Oscar's Guitar Shop interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: Merlins castle,Now your ships are burned (on fire) - 1981

Paul Gilbert, Dweezil Zappa: Artistworks posts Paul's interview with Dweezil Zappa

Reece Fullwood, Sam Bell: have BT and Reece and Sam can Jam man!

Dave Munkhoff: Guitar Solo Two Hand Tapping

Kiko Loureiro: Angra tours, Trio shows and clinic dates

Sydnei Carvalho,Roger Franco: 4Action live in San Francisco DVD and CD

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Highlights from the show at Alva's Showroom 2014

Takajii: Flounder,Fragile Seasons from G5 Project 2013 - Tom Anderson Cobra

Paul Gilbert: TC Electronics Webinar hosted by Guitar Center - 1 hour show

Paul Gilbert,Adam Malicki: Monotum One Album Trailer

Reb Beach,John Roth: Winger - Rat Race Official New Album 2014

Francesco Artusato: Interview with Howard Jones, Francesco Artusato and John Sankey of Devil You Know

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Factory

Daniele Liverani: Peacefully guitar and live drum play through

Ronni Lé Tekrø: TNT - Seven Seas,10.000 Lovers (In One) Live In Trondheim 204

Kyle Ahern: New Song 2014 - Guitar Play-Through - some nice sweep tapping

Thomas Blug: talks about his new BluGuitar Amp - lots of power in a small box - Musikmesse 2014