Darek Wawrzyniak: Hufschmid H6 18th Anniversary guitar

E-Da claus , Dr. Caribou, Jesus Hiro: The Excentric Fancy Bomb - Merry Christmas!

Adrian Weiss: Instant Relief (live in Düsseldorf)

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks 'Unleashed' No: 5

Yuri Isobe: working on a performance of Angra's So Near So Far

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide - classy fusion

Sam Coulson,Rick Graham: the online interview - 45 minutes of guitar talk

Andy James: 'Diary Of Hells Guitar' - new Killer package from the shred master

Gianluca Ferro, Isao Fujita: headed to Tokyo, Japan in April 2015

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: insane - Atonal Lines, Inside/Outside, 12 tone rows, Hybrid Picking, and String-Skipping

Alexandra Zerner: 9 Stories - Shreddelicious talk to Alexandra about the new album

Steph Goyer: B Minor Improvisation - tapping and free BT

Emily Hastings: For the Love of God - performance play through

Fredrik Thordendal: Unbelievable package of goodies - stop the spread of HIV fundraiser

Kirill Koniaev: Tribute to Kee Marcello - Padalka Enigma custom guitar

Al Joseph: Progressive Metal Lick 7 - 30% OFF This pack with voucher code

Mikael Carnevali: 1st Place Sibelius Fest Venezuela 2014