News: AirTurn’s PED is a low-profile foot-controlled page turner

AirTurn PED for Bluetooth Smart Devices Now Available 
Features Low Profile Wireless Foot Control
NEDERLAND, Colorado – June 02, 2015 – After a successful launch in February and overwhelming sellout, AirTurn, the manufacturer of wireless, hands-free controllers for Bluetooth equipped tablets and computers, announced the AirTurn PED™, is back in stock.  AirTurn’s PED is a low-profile foot-controlled page turner for music reading, set lists, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs among many other applicationsIt is ideal for users who need to keep both hands free while reading or controlling applications on their Bluetooth-equipped Mac, PC, iPad, or Android Tablet. 
The AirTurn PED may be used in a wide range of environments, such as music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and many more. Configurations are also available for assistive technologies and common desktop document or presentation applications. 
In most document apps, pressing the right foot switch of the AirTurn PED will turn pages forward and a press on the left switch will turn pages backward. PED works with most Bluetooth SmartReady or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled devices including:

·      iPad 3 and above
·      iPhone 5 and above
·      Samsung Galaxy 4 and above
·      Most PCs, Macs and tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4.0
AirTurn also can provide Bluetooth USB adapters to convert older PCs to Bluetooth 4.0.  Older versions of Bluetooth will not operate with the PED.
 “AirTurn designed the PED controller to be the most compact, easy to use, transport and connect to Bluetooth wireless devices,” said Dave Tamkin, a Chicago and Boulder, Colorado acoustic singer/songwriter.  “It can fit in my pocket and connect to my mobile devices in seconds,” he added.  “Artists and other technology users are going to love how it simplifies their ability to play, present and perform.”
AirTurn PED features include:

·      Membrane touch switches for fast and quiet response
·      Anti skid control on the base
·      Lithium ion battery lasting 6-12 months depending on usage
·      Second spare battery included in battery compartment
·      Signal lights to indicate low battery and Bluetooth connection status
·      Keyboard Switch for virtual keyboard access for some iOS applications
·      Mode Switch to change profiles for different uses.
Compatible applications for the PED are listed on the AirTurn website at Apps
The AirTurn PED is available now. Retail pricing is $69.