CJ Cussell, Jeff Stevenson: Before The Mourning - The Deception new album available

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A New Dawn For Heavy Music
Adam Ryan - Vocals
CJ Cussell - Lead Guitar
Jeff Stevenson - Guitar
Paul McBride - Bass
Phil Gonyea - Drums

ETHERIAL END http://beforethemourning.bigcartel.com/products
1. The Deception
2. Raised By Wolves
3. Honestly
4. Another Sleepless Night
5. Continuum
6. A Devil With No Name
7. This Black Day
8. No Redemption
9. The Hidden
10. Etherial
11. Deserter

BIO  https://www.facebook.com/BeforeTheMourning/

Heavy music stands built on traditions. You’ve got to know what’s come before in order to bulldoze the way for the future. Now, Los Angeles quintet Before The Mourning definitely understand their roots. Possessing a timeless grasp on melody, propensity for airtight riffs, and emotionally palpable vocals, they deliver technical, taught, and tough metal that’s as memorable as it is magnetic.

Vocalist Adam Ryan describes it best, “It’s melodic metal with haunting tones and good hooks. We’ve got a clear vision.”

That artfully architected sound began turning heads across the genre in early 2014. Throughout January, the group joined In This Moment and Butcher Babies on the Hell Pop II tour, hitting sold out venues across the United States. In between Los Angeles gigs supporting the likes of All That Remains and other national heavyweights everywhere from The Roxy to the House of Blues, former Machine Head guitarist and noted producer Logan Mader [Gojira, Five Finger Death Punch, Fear Factory] sought out the band in order to collaborate. Now, he’s co-produced their forthcoming full-length debut alongside the musicians—Ryan, CJ Cussell [Lead Guitar], Jeff Stevenson [Rhythm Guitar], Paul McBride [Bass], and Phil Gonyea [Drums].

About working with Mader, Ryan goes on, “He brought a sharp ear for detail, slick polished sound, and veteran metal music experience. He got the best out of us.”

You can hear it on the first single “Another Sleepless Night”. Driving forward on hyper charged percussion, incendiary guitars, and soaring vocals, it formally heralds Before The Mourning’s arrival. “That was written immediately after my ex-fiancé called off our engagement and relationship,” says Ryan. “It’s about falling into deep depression and relying on self-medication to combat self-loathing. It’s a dark place a lot of people have certainly been.”

Then, there’s “Continuum” which snaps from precise and potent six-string fireworks into a towering refrain. “It was written about the reflection on a time when things seemed to be going one way, and then they changed without warning,” the vocalist admits.

Ultimately, the group’s honesty and impressive musicianship carry powerful resonances. Before The Mourning will last…

“This is a big, emotional metal record that everyone can relate to on some level. We hope this album gives listeners something to identify with as they survive their own encounters with love, loss, death, and life.”

For the music historian's amongst us, Before The Mourning used to feature Nikki Stringfield, before joining the Iron Miadens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Before_the_Mourning 

Before The Mourning - The Deception