Ed Stilley: Fascinating book - GIFTED - The Instruments of Ed Stilley - by Tim Hawley

Ed Stilley: GIFTED - The Instruments of Ed Stilley - by Tim Hawley
GIFTED - The Instruments of Ed Stilley - by Tim Hawley 
SUMMARY If you drop by the Stilley’s home, you will find Brother Ed at the kitchen table smiling with a bright twinkle in his eyes. Tell him how happy you are to see him and into his two huge hands he will take your hand and respond, “It goes both ways. That’s what true love is!” This is the message that Ed Stilley has been spreading his whole life. Although he has barely anything in the way of material possessions, Stilley has found a way to give that which is priceless: the gift of love that inspires the recipient to pass it forward.

It started with making instruments and giving them to the children of family, friends and neighbors. Inscribed with the words, “True Faith, True Light, Have Faith in God”, Stilley’s message was available to any who admired his work. The time is now past where Stilley is able to create these incredible objects. However, with the help of photographer, Tim Hawley, the mission lives on in this exquisite book exhibiting many of his creations alongside in-depth conversations and heartwarming stories. Rather than glorifying a man and his life’s work, 

GIFTED is meant to inspire its readers with the message that, no matter our circumstances, we all have much to give, and in this giving we will find unexpected joy and richness.

This First Edition is limited to a print run of only 1000 books. They will be delivered in December, 2015 and can be ordered at: http://www.edstilley.com 

Ed Stilley, In His Own Words

In 2011 I was actively looking for a personal photographic project that would involve people and objects. I had some thoughts as to how to develop the project and was keeping my ear to the ground for strong and compelling stories. One day, while in the Midwest, I was watching a local news station and they did a segment on Ed Stilley and how he created an unknowable amount of instruments over a 25 year period and gave them all away for free.

The instruments were just incredible objects to look at. Sort of a cross between a banjo, a barn, and a well worn Bible. I knew I had found my project, now I had to find the instruments and people who had received them. Google was a big help and I contacted some folk musicians that had been given instruments. They introduced me to Ed’s son, Stephen, and after meeting Stephen and shooting him and his daughters with their instruments, I was introduced to Mr. Stilley. We have been fast friends ever since.

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