Marco Sfogli,Alex Hutchings,Marek Pająk,Tomasz Andrzejewski,Łukasz Kulczak: Guitar Awards 2014

A few songs played by superb guitarists while GUITAR AWARDS organised by Guitar Center and Bemowskie Centrum Kultury on 21-22.03.14 in Warsaw
0:15 - Łukasz "Luki" Kulczak (I)
7:10 - Tomasz "Mr. Guitarist" Andrzejewski (I)
11:10 - Marek "Spider" Pająk (Vader) (II)
20:50 - Alex Hutchings (II)
29:15 - Marco Sfogli! (III)

This video is made only to encourage people to listen and buy music made by those great guitarist. I won't earn any money from that publication.
Song played between performances is called "Seventh week" (Tomasz Andrzejewski)

GUITAR AWARDS 2014 - Marco Sfogli/Alex Hutchings/Marek Pająk/Tomasz Andrzejewski/Łukasz Kulczak