Eddie Van Halen: Van Halen Sept 30, 2015, Sleep Train Amphitheater Jack Lue Series

Eddie Van Halen: Van Halen Sept 30, 2015, Sleep Train Amphitheater (Chula Vista, CA) Jack Lue Series

Van Halen is an American rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. The band went on to become major stars, and by the early 1980s they were one of the most successful rock acts of the time. 1984 was their most successful album.

The lead single, "Jump", became an international hit and their only single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The following singles, "Panama" and "I'll Wait", both hit number 13 on the U.S. charts. The album went on to sell over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone. In 1985, the band replaced lead singer David Lee Roth with ex-Montrose lead vocalist Sammy Hagar. With Hagar, the group would release four U.S. number-one albums over the course of 11 years. Hagar left the band in 1996 shortly before the release of the band's first greatest hits collection, Best Of – Volume I. Former Extreme frontman Gary Cherone was quickly recruited as lead singer to replace Hagar, and Van Halen III was released in 1998. Cherone left the band in frustration in 1999 after the tour due to the poor commercial performance of the album.

Current members
Eddie Van Halen – lead guitar, lead vocals (1972–1974); lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1974–present)
Alex Van Halen – drums (1972–present)
David Lee Roth – lead vocals, occasional acoustic guitars (1974–85, 1996, 2007–present)
Wolfgang Van Halen – bass, backing vocals (2006–present)

Full Series https://goo.gl/photos/VJ9HYH4wXuw2d9TbA

Full Series https://goo.gl/photos/VJ9HYH4wXuw2d9TbA

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Videos from the show

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