Jonas Hansson: Stardust Reverie - Imagining Confucius - with Graham Bonnet

Graham Bonnet sings "Imagining Confucius" from the Stardust Reverie album "Proclamation of Shadows" that will be released November 2015.
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The first 500 copies contain an awesome extra track sung by Lynn Meredith.

The new Stardust Reverie album, "Proclamation of Shadows" features Zak Stevens, Graham Bonnet, Jonas Hansson, Doogie White, Lynn Meredith, Victor Banner, Marc Pattison, Randy Crowley, ¨Victor de la Chica, Eduardo Martinez, David Cano, Bill Hudson, Zuberoa Aznárez, Gorka Elso, Conrado Pesinato and Edu Falaschi.

"Proclamation of Shadows" was mixed and mastered by Jonas Hansson.

Stardust Reverie feat. Graham Bonnet "Imagining Confucius"