Alex Skolnick: Trio Euro Tour dates 2016

Adrian Belew: Power Trio Euro Tour dates 2016

Pierre Danel,Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja - Episteme - promo video and Euro Tour dates

Dorian Avila: Für Alina by Arvo Pärt - delightful

Tom Quayle: Visualising The Fretboard Tutorial - available now... ready for Christmas :)

Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan: Talks About: "Eat'em and Smile" for

John 5: Interview PT 2 Trees Dallas, TX November 19th, 2015 JAM Magazine

Richard Daudé: Vigier Speed-Picking Workout and now up to speed!

Carl Roa: demos the Dimarzio Area 58 Neck Position- tasty tones

Khoirus Sobri: Piano ballad Jam with Skervesen Raptor and bareknuckle pickups

Kenan Salaza: 14yr old Sevens, Kick It All Over and Overture 1928 - proof the little guy practices super hard!

Rick Graham: Shredding on a cheap guitar? Yes you can!

Swayt: Permanence Guitar Playthrough - using new Kiesel Vader 7.

Truth In Shredding: passes 8,000,000 page views!

Yuri Petrenko: The Ballad About - My Fears - playthrough

Masaki Murashita, David Ellefson: Murashita - Inescapable Damnation Guitar Playthrough with ESP Guitars LTD Arrow, EMG 81, Engl SE570 840 Amp

Violet Heart: Tell Me - guitar promo video

Martin Andres: Pomegranate Tiger - Guitar Playthrough for Boundless.

Eric Calderone: Inception - Time Meets Metal

Andy James: Hybrid Hell - Andy James Guitar Academy - Black Friday extended

Simone Gianlorenzi: teaser for "About her" is the debut solo album

Fred Westra: A little jam on saturday afternoon - ripping solo work

Samuli Federley: Nightdemon - playthrough track from the solo album, Quest For Remedy.

t-cophony: documentary film about T-cophony "The 10th anniversary"

Benjamin Lechuga: Vimana BL33 7 Signature Model

John 5: Interview PT 1 Trees Dallas, TX November 19th, 2015

Tony MacAlpine, Nuno Bettencourt: add to the all star jam for the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine

Ben Higgins: City of Stone from The Engine Room by Ben Higgins - classy instrumental metal UK

André Noronha: Racing - Classy single from the new Album Never Give Up

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, Dave Brons: Twitch didn't work for me... so time to watch The Guitar Hour - 20/11/15 on YouTube

Seiji, Yuki: D_Drive the new album available from CD Baby

Rob Favotto: The Nine Planets EP - original progressive rock composition

Richard Daudé: Melodic Minor improvisation - 50 frames per second version available

Andy James: Lucifers Tango Performance - picking tour de force

Konstantin Sedov: Oh, Lady Be Good - two guitar performance playthrough

Dana deChaby: J.S. Bach Prelude in C BWV 846 - The Bach Project

Pedro Molina: Psicosis Metal performance playthrough - metal fusion

Jack Thammarat: UAD Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555 Plug-In Demo - Pop Fusion Jam

John 5: Creatures Of Medley Ultimate Jam Night Lucky Strike 2015

John 5: with The Creatures official live bootleg DVD

Kurt James, Deen Castronovo, Matt McCourt: Dr Mastermind live in Portland Oregon 1987

Greg Koch: more Koch ups ready for Thanksgiving... Outtakes - - Vol. 3

Andy James: Guitar Academy - Black Friday SALE

Andreas Öberg, John Rijsdijk: live in concert - Django's Tiger - awesome performance

Joe Basilio, Lari Basilio: teaser 3 from the upcoming EP entitled "Excelsis"

Mateus Starling: Giant Steps solo improvisation - very classy

Jarle H Olsen: You Only Live Twice - brilliant take on the wonderful 007 classic from 1967