Andy James: Lucifers Tango Performance - picking tour de force

Lucifers Tango Performance - Andy James Guitar Academy

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Lucifers Tango:

I've always been drawn to classically influenced style guitar playing, especially from the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo etc. this type of playing although not heavily influenced in the way I write music, has its place within some of the soloing ideas I've drawn on over the years. Lucifers Tango was a fun way for me to try something different and apply that classical flavoured edge to my playing into an actual piece of music with a piano instead of raging guitars and a band context. What's interesting about playing like this is it's very technically demanding but also maintains s good sense of melody and awareness of the changes happening beneath the solo guitar. One thing I always focus on is whatever I play, it has to have melodic context and content to ultimately make it a piece of music rather than just a load of exercises thrown together. Learning things like this will give you the ability to do that and will improve your overall technique, especially in other areas of what you already know. It's a challenge, but definitely one worth taking on.

Lucifers Tango Performance - Andy James Guitar Academy

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