Hans Van Even: N-Land - solos - with Fractal Audio FX8 - super quality, watch in HD

Here's a new demo with the excellent FX8 effects processor from Fractal Audio (using the 4 Cable Method). 

Other gear used is my Engl Retro Tube 50 amp and Two Notes (Torpedo Wall of Sounds III) for CAB/MIC sims.

ALL FX on the guitar track come 100% from the FX8 unit, even the T808-OD block, which is placed before the amp input, I only used the cab sims from Two Notes (Torpedo Wall of Sounds III) and a limiter on the guitar track. NO ADDITIONAL DAW FX like Reverbs or Delays have been used on this track! This FX8 unit is really fantastic, it has the flexibility of simple pedals but with much better pro audio quality, even the wah-wah sounds bad-ass!

FX used in the FX8 :

T808 Overdrive
Graphic EQ
Studio Compressor
Reversed Delay
Dual Delay
Medium Plate Reverb

You can download the patch to use on your own FX8 from here :

Song = N-Land from my recent Solo CD you can find here http://www.hansvaneven.net/#!cd-stard...

Bass = Goran Vujic
Drums = Leo Isnard

Thanks to Jeff Beck for the inspiration on this one ;)

Hope you'll like it,



N-Land - solos - with Fractal Audio FX8