Brunno Henrique: Performs Top Gear music on Guitar - great opening tapping sequence

Gavin Iedema: Ripping soloing on the track oddly titled "Unspiring" played at SuperGitar Live Audition 2015

Julian Scarcella: great guitar playing on this satisfyingly original composition

Joop Wolters: impressive noodle on Fender stratocaster classic 60

Thiago Trinsi: BIAS FX - excited with this new video using the Positive Grid Bias FX plugin

Magnus Karlsson: Rockeyez Interview w/Magnus Karlsson 10-28

Yvette Young: .strandberg* guitars is having a contest to design a 2016 NAMM Tshirt!

Graham Pin Pinney,Dan Weller: SikTh - Philistine Philosophies

Jennifer Batten: In The Aftermath - excellent performance

Lee Albrecht: Deadwood - a little djental persuasion