Thiago Trinsi: BIAS FX - excited with this new video using the Positive Grid Bias FX plugin

Hi folks!

Here I am very excited with this new video using the Positive Grid Bias FX plugin. Here you will see how it works for me and I hope you enjoy!

About the Tonecloud? That´s very simple, I just used the artist preset of Tosin Abasi called Tosin High Gain for the riffs and for the solo the same one with the Deluxe Delay pedal added instead of the delay he has in the chain of his set, and I also turned on the reverb pedal! That´s All!

I thought it would be very interesting to see how a combo of Tosin Abasi made for 8 strings guitar would work for a 6 string Gibson Studio tuned 1 sted down. I find very difficult to play with Les Paul guitars, I feel like it's going to fall from my lap any moment :D hahah
But it has the sound I was looking for and it was already tuned 1 step down for this production.

The sound you hear is the sound I recorded, there is no studio work done in the tracks, so if you buy it which I highly recommend because it's an awesome tool to have and you will be sure to get this same Killer tone at your studio.

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BIAS FX - Thiago Trinsi