Keith Whalen: Extended Arpeggios Part II - lots of wild stretches and techniques for the advanced player

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Fellow arpeggiators,

Here is the second instalment of a series I'll be calling "Extended Arpeggios" where I take some classical influences and incorporate some of my own improvised approaches to playing longer arpeggio sequences. Most of these licks are written down beforehand and then changed as I see fit during the recording process. I've always enjoyed playing arpeggios but over the years I've tried to add different colours and create different techniques that embellish the sound being generated. The end game is always to expand the breadth of what is possible on the instrument and to break away from the traditional shapes that rock/metal/shred players generally use (3, 4, and 5 string shapes).

Classical music is a passion of mine, so a lot of the influence comes from that world. This series is somewhat inspired by Felix Blumenfeld's piano etudes and even Chopin's Op. 10 No. 1, where longer arpeggios finish outside of an octave's reach, giving the impression of moving both up and down throughout.

There are some wild stretches and a lot of the techniques are for the advanced player, so listen to your hands and try your best to use smaller warm-up shapes before causing any kind of damage (I've had tendinitis before and it's terrible).

I will begin sharing tabs on my blog page. I have opted to monetize my channel because I feel as though its merited, though my aim will always be to get free material - which I hope will be both unique and beneficial - into the hands of players who happen upon the channel. Please leave me some feedback about the video quality, the content, ways to better communicate the material, and so on.

Tabs coming soon and I'll add the link in the description!

Extended Arpeggios Part II